Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day of the Wedding Prep

Still not nervous, I woke up at 7 (which is actually insanely late for me), and the dog was pretty much crossing her legs at this point.  We hustled outside for our walk and did about 3 miles or so.  Which...(spoiler) I feel terrible about because the dog is limping badly as of Sunday because of over-exertion over the past many days (we think).  We may have been walking her many times a day for many miles to keep her calm and well-behaved for the crowds.  Oops.  

My hair appointment was at 9:45, and the other girls, mothers, and grandma were all around then.  We swarmed into the hair salon and made our presence known, taking way too many pictures, and just being generally excitable. 

Pictures from hair:

I ran to a different spa to get my make-up done, then we quickly regrouped at the house to pile into the limo.  It dropped us at the church at around 12:30, and left to go pick up the guys from the hotel.  The girls then got into their dresses, took some photos, ate some food, and hung out.  My favorite parts of the morning were realizing I had not considered the "old, new, borrowed, blue" saying, and remedying it with a nasty old bobby pin I "borrowed" from Quynh (probably have to give it back for the luck, right?), and going to the bathroom.  Really.  My dress was extremely easy to get on and off, so we decided it was best if I just changed back into my sweatsuit to go.  Hannah was my look-out, and we sang the Mission Impossible theme song the entire way there and back. 

Pictures from the hang-out:

MoH Quynh

SiL Sara

Cousin Julia

My back, you already SAW the front

Trying to stay clean

Checking out the Bently

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  1. LOVE your dress. Love the bridesmaid dresses! So freakin' cute!