Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Notes on my fur-babies

Currently, Chris has sunk into a deep, dark depression because Monster was dropped off at Tim & Cathy's last night.  He will be staying there for the wedding and the honeymoon.  Chris is lost without his "little bubba", and cannot be convinced that they will take good care of him, and return him to us...alive.  I may not be helping when I told him I had dropped the cat at the SPCA.  I kid, I kid.

Harper also had a big milestone last night.  With the cat gone, we decided it was time to see how she did out of her crate at night.  She did not jump on us, nothing was chewed, and she slept peacefully on her own bed.  I may have made a big mistake, though.  At 2 am, she came over and put her paws up on the bed, whined, and I yelled at her.  She went into the hall and peed all over the floor.  Apparently she was asking to go out.  Bad mommy.  My little girl is all grown up.  Remember when she was a peanut?

**Yes, I'm re-using photos.  But aren't they cute?


  1. I missed the last time, b/c I've never seen a cat in a jersey. Possibly one of my favorite cat pics ever.


  2. what is the cat doing in a t-shirt?! lol!

  3. What!?! Monster is having a wonderful vacation at the Farrell Hotel!