Sunday, April 1, 2012

Random Recent Videos

In lieu of actually saying anything, here are a couple recent-ish videos.

From our last play-date with Dean.  We attempted many videos, but the second the film started rolling, the children would quit playing together.  This is the best of the bunch.

This, admittedly, isn't the most thrilling video.  Skip it if you're short on time.  But it was an important recent event.  We re-seeded half of our back yard.  "Half?" you say?  Yes.  We put up chicken wire in between the two halves so that Harper still had an area we could release her into.  It is now the size of dining room table, but at least she can still go outside.

Next up, is Robby's strange sleeping habits.  He must have one hand on each of his stuffed creatures (a blue elephant blanket and a Tigger).

Finally, we exposed Robby to corn on the cob last night.  He LOVED it, and he did fine eating it.  The issue was that he would continue to gnaw on the cob after the corn was gone.  When we finally took the cob away (shortly after this video ended), he through a hysterical tantrum for a good 10 minutes.  We better not ever give him anything delicious again.


  1. OK, that corn on the cob video is hilarious. The sounds he makes while eating (just like Sam) and how he screams when you take the food away (also just like Sam). Love that our boys love to eat!