Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parental Sick Days

Today's post is brought to you by a sick Robby.  I'm home from work, so you get to benefit.  Robby is sleeping one of what is hopefully 5 million naps today so that he can kick this thing.

You already knew about the double ear infection.  The tubes.  The crazy high fever.  And...it continues.  Yesterday, when I picked him up from daycare, he had another full-body rash.  Now, this struck me as odd because the LAST time we were on extra-strength augmentin for an ear infection, he got the same rash.  I rushed him over to the doctor (messing up our afternoon nap) to make sure it wasn't a drug allergy.  The doctor said she thought it was just viral.  Now, not that I don't believe her, but this was the same doctor that said his ears looked fine at his 9 month well-visit, and then we had to come in 2 days later with another double.  Just sayin.

So, we get home, I have a cranky baby who hasn't napped, and won't eat, so we put him down at 6.  Then he wakes up for 1/2 an hour at 8, so we give him his drugs and change into pj's.  At this point, I was terrified of how the night would go...and it went about as expected.  He was up at least every 2 hours, and unfortunately, 2 of those times he had vomited all over the entire crib.  We had to fully change sheets, pajamas, my pajamas, and give him a sponge bath.  He still reeks this morning.

Since he had been so pukey, we decided not to give him the augmentin this morning (as it is REALLY rough on his stomach), and that I'd stay home.  This is a little stressful as we're busy at work, but I felt terrible about sending him into daycare YESTERDAY (admittedly, he had puked once the night before, too), so we're home.  Hopefully he'll be more healthy by tomorrow.


  1. I've just recently started following your blog, so I feel a little bad giving you advice, but it sounds so much like my youngest (who also had a whole body rash when given augmentin). He also had problems with ear infections. I happened to have a chiropractor appointment and she pointed me to the fact that it may be a milk intolerance. I was nursing, so I didn't think that could be it, but she said if I was eating and drinking a lot of dairy that the protein would be passed on. While I was skeptical, I cut dairy almost completely out of my diet and low and behold he had less problems. We also (when supplementing) switched to a soy-based formula. Luckily he outgrew it and now loves milk and cheese as much as the rest of us in the family, but my nephew still has to watch how much dairy he eats as it causes cold like symptoms if he eats/drinks too much. He drinks only soy milk now and has MUCH less problems. Also, when my youngest was off the bottle (and breast) his ear infections magically disappeared as well.

    Now remember, I'm no doctor, but it might be something to consider asking your doctor about.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts! I'm actually lactose intolerant, so I eat minimal dairy, but I can try totally eliminating it and see if it helps.

  2. AHH!!! Robby! Get well! Prayers for all of you. You know we just had a bout with an allergic reaction to a med (cefnadil). Now we are on Augmentin and though it makes my hubby sick to his stomach, AM has tolerated it well. Both my doc and pharmacist said independently NOT under any circumstance to give it to her on an empty stomach. Knowing that it makes Comer puke, I have only given it to her with her meals and so far so good...keep us updated on Robby.