Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nine months to put it on...

To be perfectly honest, my post with the down and dirty on what had changed (or not changed) after having a baby has been one of the most frequent posts that people land on after googling.  I thought it was only fair to comment on the often-heard saying, "It takes nine months to put it on, give it nine months to take it off."  If you're interested in my original post on body 4 months post-baby it is here.

At the time, I had lost all the weight, but there were still distinct differences in appearance.  Today, I would say that my body is LARGELY what it was when I started.  Only a couple things have changed.  Let's begin.

Above are at my wedding (May 2010), 5 weeks pregnant (September 2010), 4 months after giving birth (September 2011), and now (April 2012).  I missed doing this at 9 months post-partum, so this is, in reality 10 months.  Though I'd say I'm at pretty much the same place.  I am not running nearly as much as I did pre-pregnancy, so there is certainly a difference in muscle tone.


At my wedding, I weighed 130.  At 5 weeks pregnant, I weighed 135.  In the 4-month shot, I weighed 136.5.  Currently, I weigh 130.  Ideally, I plan to get back into the 120's before I stop nursing.  Obviously, this is doable, very close, and I actually was there before Easter brunch.  ;)

Joint Size

I lamented having to cut my rings off my newly gigantic hands when I went from a size 3.75 ring to needing a 5.25.  I don't know for sure where I'm at today, but I do know my rings are so loose that I never wear them, and they're practically falling off.  So, I would recommend not wearing them for AWHILE before you bother resizing them.  And, obviously don't force them on at 6 weeks and get them cut off in the emergency room.

The Girls

Still nursing.  I went from a 36C pre-pregnancy, up to a 38F during, down to 36DD at 4 months, and I'm at 36D today.  I don't know if I'll continue to drop, but I REALLY don't mind that I have!  My husband was saying that he missed the crazy stripper boobs from pregnancy, but I cannot say that I agree!

My Hips

In the 4 month update, I talked about how my hips were INCREDIBLY painful.  I had a lot of trouble moving, and I'd get shooting pains in my legs.  I went to a chiropractor, and he worked WONDERS.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE anyone who is experiencing the same thing, do not put it off, and go get readjusted.  I am completely pain free now, and was after only a couple of sessions.  I cannot say it enough.  Just because you gave birth does NOT mean that hip pain is normal, or that it needs to be part of your life.  Go get it taken care of.

My Stomach

April 2010 (pre-preg) vs. today

I AM LUCKY.  I know this.  Largely, my stomach looks almost as good as it did pre-pregnancy.  I did not get any stretch marks, and while there is some loose skin that you can see when I sit down, it's not so visible standing up.  The only thing that looks a little funny is where I had an old belly button piercing.  That just is never going to look right again.  Oh well.  Please ignore that I was wearing pajamas.      

Today (those aren't stretch marks, those are elastic waist-band marks) vs. 4 months post.

Obviously, the skin has tightened up a fair amount.  I hope this will continue.

Any other permanent changes? 
- My feet went up a 1/2 size and never went down.
- I still don't like the same foods as pre-pregnancy, though it's a little different than during pregnancy.
- Lots of spider veins on my legs.
- That's about it.

So, I would say, by and large, LISTEN to the people that say "give it 9 months to take it off".  While my weight was gone almost immediately, I did not feel like the same person.  Now, I do.  So, there's the good news!  Hoping everyone else can feel the same!


  1. I've been thinking about doing a post like this....but I haven't gotten enough balls yet.

  2. Pssh. We all know you look a heck of a lot better than I do!