Thursday, April 26, 2012

The HEALTHY Lion at 11 Months!!!

First and foremost, thank you everyone for your prayers!  We spent most of today at CHOP in the neurology department, and we have wonderful news.  The EEG came back clear, and they have no reason to suspect that he would have another seizure in the future.  Of course, I will still always worry, but this is the best news we could hope for.  But quick comment.  The Lion was AWESOME, even though we were at the hospital for almost 6 hours.  And, can I tell you something about EEGs?  The person must remain STILL for 20 minutes.  If you have ever met my child, you know that 20 seconds is asking for a lot.  You put the baby into an industrial-strength canvas and velcro swaddler, and then mom tries to entertain/pin him down, and GO.  We made it through the test with not all that much crying.  It was pretty incredible.

So now on to the monthly update.  11 months!  I can't believe my baby's almost 1!!!  3 whole days ago (I'm sorry, I was preoccupied) Robby hit 11 months.  And my heart stopped.

Obviously, Robby was a tornado, and Harper tried to be in all the shots.  Typical photo shoot.  It was also delayed because, on top of everything else, Robby had a fever over the weekend, and then broke out into a full-body rash.  If you look closely, his face looks pretty nasty.


The upside of the 5 million doctors appointments is that I know EXACTLY how big he is.  I also know that he's dropped a fair amount of weight in the past week.  Guess he was as nervous as the rest of us.  ;)  As of today, he was 28 3/4" long and 21 lbs, 15 oz.  That is either 3 pounds, or a little over 1/2 a pound down from last week, depending which scale you care to believe.  This actually means we're only a little over the 25th percentile for both.  Gone are his giant days.  He's still in 12 month clothing, and size 4 diapers.

Physical Feats

He has taken up to 3 steps on his own without falling, but is still not actually "walking".  Who would have thought?  He's been cruising FOREVER.  At this point it really seems like a confidence thing.  Oh well, we don't mind him staying out of a few things for a bit longer.  He is into climbing everything, wants to do dangerous activities on his own (like getting in a bath tub), and is confident maneuvering around everything (his walker, trip hazards on the floor, etc...).  He easily rockets UP stairs, and wants to practice going down all the time.  He has NOT found a particularly safe way to do this, though, and more often than not wants to "walk" down them.

Mental Feats

He is figuring out more "puzzles" every day.  He now likes peeking around things to look at you (such as either side of the spindles between the family room and kitchen) and will go back and forth a million times.  He puts the blanket over his face and pulls it down to play peak-a-boo.  He can make most of the toys play the music he wants them to.  It's really fun to watch him sit down and figure something out.


He's back to being a chatterbox.  Even daycare has told me they've heard "all done" and "duck".  So it's certainly not just me making it up!  His newer words that I don't think I've discussed, and he says all the time are "door" and "that".  "Get her" has got to be my favorite, though, it's just too funny.  Oh, and unfortunately, he has learned "No".


Sadly, food is getting more restrictive.  On top of no squash or rice, we've discovered that corn just kills the little man.  Or, rather, means he is up screaming for hours at night and that kills US.  So no corn.  But other than that he's a fantastic eater.  He's currently cutting his upper canines which will be teeth 9 and 10.


Well...hopefully we're getting back on track.  Every time he gets sick, we let him get away with murder, and then it's horrible trying to get him sleeping through the night again.  (Of course, that is OUR sleeping through the night meaning he goes to sleep between 7:30/8, and wakes up to eat at 4:30 or 5, going back down until 6:30.)  Last night he was back on track, but one day does not a habit make.  

I'm so relieved that everything has worked out, and that I can go back to just enjoying my smart, crazy, little man.  


  1. yay! so thankful for a great report!!! ...and i cant believe he is almost ONE!

  2. So glad he's ok! And omg is he a little character. Love it!

  3. I'm so glad he's okay and it came back clear!