Monday, April 2, 2012

Can't Wait for Cousins!

Ok, ok...SECOND cousins.  Whatever.  Chris's cousin Happy is due in May with a little boy, and we celebrated her shower this past weekend.  I think that her mom, in particular, has gotten a real kick out of watching Robby this year, because she knows her first grandchild will be experiencing the same stages at the same time of year.

I must say that I am SOOOOOOOO very proud of Robby for how well behaved he was at the shower.  Was he busy?  Absolutely.  Was there some screaming during the car ride?  Well, yes.  Did he have the most unhealthy food day ever?  Um, yeah.  But he did not really fuss at all the entire time we were at the party.  To the point that we were getting compliments left and right about how "my child never cries".  Bah ha ha ha ha!

He loved watching the dogs out the window, and tormenting them since they couldn't come in.

He also made friends with a cute little 8-month-old girl, who was equally well behaved.

And, the one time that wasn't perfect, is that he insisted on playing with all the wrapping paper as Happy unwrapped her gifts (which was fine), but then threw a little bit of a fit that we wouldn't let him unwrap presents before she got to them.  We're so mean.

Another second cousin, Nicole, took over a lot of the Robby-watching duty.  She REALLY wishes that she lived close enough to babysit...and her mother might feel the same way since she's been begging for a younger sibling, which isn't happening.  She did a good job, other than...  Ok, I had pretty much just let Robby languish in his carb-filled dream world of bread and crackers, but she let him go one step further and was apparently packing him full of sugar cookies.  Until Grandma noticed and stopped it.  Doh.  Oh well, he had a good time.  

Overall, it was a lovely day, and it was wonderful to see all of Chris's family...even if he wasn't there.

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  1. Ha! You've found the secret to happy babies and toddlers - food. I remember on road trips liberally tossing goldfish and pretzels over my shoulders. Anything for quiet!