Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Lion at 10 Months

Wondering why he has to take pictures with the wrong mascot.

Robby is now even more mobile, though, we did not make it to walking this month like I thought we would.  He is getting more and more fun to be around, and, in certain ways, easier to care for.  Yes, he moves faster than the speed of light, but his moods make more sense, and he is more content entertaining himself.


Robby is weighing in at 21.5 pounds, and I have no idea how tall, though he regularly hits his head on the breakfast bar, and that is 27.5".  ;)  Though, that's more than an inch shorter than the doctor said he was last month.  I don't know.  He is solidly in 12 month clothing now, though we still use some 9 month pants to aid in walking.  (Meaning, they look like capris, but he doesn't trip on them.)  He has moved up to size 4 diapers, even though they say they start at 22 pounds.  He was having some serious issues with plumber's butt.


Robby has continued to get entirely too many ear infections.  Most of these pictures were not taken until the 25th because he was too sick and miserable.  (but see above for a real month picture)  Obviously, keeping him in the chair is also now trying.  We have now hit our 5th double ear infection, and he has a tube consult scheduled with the ENT on April 18.  I'm actually very happy to be moving forward with this, as I can't stand how much pain he has had to deal with.  Last night (24th) after already being on antibiotics for 2 days, his temperature hit 104.5 after we had given as much tylenol as your allowed.  I called my bridesmaid Missy, who coincidentally is a pediatrician, and she thankfully was willing to act as a doctor and tell me to try giving ibuprofen before freaking out completely and taking him in.  Fortunately, the fever broke within the next couple hours and he was able to get a little sleep.  (us, too!)

Mental Leaps

He is still restricting his word use, after initially having so many.  Since he's been more mobile, he pretty much only says Mama, Dada, and babbles a lot.  I'm sure it'll come back.  He is SMART about figuring things out, though.  He can open and latch the dog crate, open and shut the pet food containers (that have screw on lids), and I was watching him mess with a cabinet latch today (do NOT figure that one out yet, PLEASE).  He now will point the remote AT the tv when playing with it, follows a lot of commands (though laughs when you say "no"), and loves figuring out how things open and shut.

Physical Bounds

Robby is FAST.  Maybe we shouldn't so much call him lion as gazelle.  Turn around, and he's gone, or up the stairs, or into something he shouldn't be.  He still is crawling or cruising, though.  He WILL stand unassisted for a fair amount of time and has attempted to take a step, but immediately falls.  Yesterday, I was impressed that he tried to push up off of my stomach as I was laying on the floor into a standing position.  That takes balance!  He can now turn everything he uses as a walker, so that give him easier access to all the places he shouldn't be.  Sigh.


The Lion is now eating anything except nuts or shellfish.  Usually in large chunks.  His favorite foods continue to be meats or bread, though he likes bananas and asparagus a lot.  He's gotten good at using a sippy cup and will feed himself with a spoon if you pre-load it.  He thinks it's hilarious to feed the dog, even if we do not.

And the cage match goes to....OSU! 


This continues to be good!  He goes down between 7:30/8:00, and then sleeps until around 5, when he wants to nurse, but then will go back to sleep until about 6:30.  However, he recently has occasionally skipped the 5 o'clock feeding, and just woken up at 5:45 or 6.  I'm not such a fan, seeing as then 1) I have to get up and 2) I have to entirely get ready while entertaining.  Oh well.  He usually will sit in his highchair with some food, so it works.

Favorite Activities

Robby loves the swings, playing with doors, and pots and pans.  He likes standing against the sliding glass door and watching out.  He LOVES playing ball with the dog, and by this, I really mean that Robby throws the ball, Harper brings it back, and repeat.  He only throws it a couple feet, but STILL.  It's pretty amazing to watch.  They'll play tug, too.  Robby also likes playing ball with us, and Harper knows she's not allowed to bite Robby's ball (since she'd pop it), so she's pretty good about hitting it with her nose and rolling it towards us.  He also likes chasing after/beating on/grabbing the cat.  Monster is VERY patient, but this activity really worries me, and I'll be that someone ends up getting clawed at some point in the near future.  Hopefully he learns "gentle" soon.  He is a total goofball, Chris now says my favorite word is "goose", and he gives the best gigantic grin when he's goofing around.  

Least Favorite Activities

Reading.  Cuddling.  Sitting still for any reason what-so-ever.

Overall?  I'm really enjoying this age, too.  He's a comedian, a tornado, and SUCH a boy.  Sure, I sometimes am jealous of people who have sweet, cuddly children, but I don't think I'd trade my bundle of energy for the world.  

 He definitely continues to look bigger!  9 months versus 10 months.

And a fun one for the road...

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