Thursday, March 1, 2012

Past My Breaking Point

I know blog posts are few and far between now a days.  Partially, I'm busy.  Partially, I just don't want to be depressing, and that's what I've got.  I'm SO sick of being SICK.  And having my entire house sick.  We are at over 2 weeks of the most random crap hitting us one, after another, after another.  We've had flus, rashes, coughs, colds, fevers, and now?  When the congestion, coughs, and rashes still linger on?  We have pink eye.  At least Chris and I do.  Give Robby another day, I'm sure it'll happen.  Which means, we're probably missing Dean's 1st birthday party (sorry Tim & Cathy).  I bet you'd prefer health over our company, though.

This week, I have had shockingly little sleep.  Mostly because Robby feels cruddy, though my cough has a little to do with it.  Last night, I again got ZERO.  Robby woke up 5 sets of times between 11 and 5:30.  That's not 5 times, that's groupings.  I'd get him down for maybe an hour at a pop.  Chris finally got up with him at 5:45 so I could pretend to sleep for 15 minutes.  And now, I have to work another 10 hour day, and somehow find time to go to the doctor for the pink eye.  I believe a lot of why Robby was so miserable last night is he got a vaccine at the doctor yesterday which she "assured" me wouldn't bother him.  It does turn out he's 28 3/4" (70th %) and 20 lbs 4 oz (40th %), so at least my fears of him not growing are unfounded.

Oh, and yesterday I also learned that miso soup contains clam extract.  The hard way.  Meaning my shellfish allergy told me.  Guess I know not to do that again.

So, don't you wish I had just continued to not post?


  1. Oh, goodness! I hope you all get better soon!

    The twins have been snot farms all winter long. I've had nights like yours 3-4 times every week since Christmas, sigh... It does get better -- they get older and don't need to be comforted every time they start coughing or have a plugged up nose, I promise!

  2. oh no!!! we have been sick here too. praying for you guys!

  3. Aww I'm sorry Katy :(
    I hope you all get better soon and that the weather changes to spring asap so we can all stop having miserable colds

  4. My kids DEFINITELY had reactions to immunizations the doctor said they wouldn't. Julia would be up all night howling after each one. So sorry you've been having a rough time. The first winter with all the colds and viruses is the worst, and of course, day care doesn't help. The photos from the birthday party are adorable. You all look healthy and well-rested in the photos, if that's any consolation.