Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Nursery is not Monster Proof

I actually have a bunch of cute pictures, but here's a quick story about this morning since I've been terrible about posting.  ***EDITED to include Chris's super cute pictures from this morning I didn't know he took!***

I WANT. TO KILL.  THE CAT.  So, this morning Robby woke up as always at 5:15 to be nursed.  I acknowledge that this isn't EXACTLY sleeping through the night, but it's close enough for my taste.  Even if the pediatrician harassed me about it.  Normally, we both go back to sleep at 5:30, I get up at 6, get ready, then wake him up at 6:30 to get him ready.  I leave at 6:50 for work, and then Chris drops him off at daycare at 7:15.  Which, apparently, has just started being very sad since Robby now cries and clings to him (which he never used to do).  We have finally reached the separation anxiety stage.  :(

At 5:35, Monster started clawing at his door, and somehow set off one of his toys.  I have no idea how, but there was music playing, and points being scored on his basketball hoop.  I went in to turn it off, and Robby woke up, but I got him back down pretty quickly.  5 minutes later, the cat somehow OPENS the nursery door, and he's awake again.  I brought him up to our bed in the hopes that he might sleep a bit, but that seems to be an invitation to play these days.  So, we all had to get ready together this morning.  GRR.  Monster (really the cat's name) was close to getting baby gated downstairs today.

On a positive note, Robby was happy as a clam getting plunked in his highchair with some bananas and cheerios.  So, things went fairly smoothly.  Thank you, little man!

Needless to say, I'm drinking quite a bit of coffee.

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  1. Those toys are possessed! Ours go off without ANYONE setting them off