Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day!

Yes, it flurried a few little flakes around Halloween, but today was the first day that the Lion could really play in the snow.  So, we bundled him up like he was in A Christmas Story, and made sure that he couldn't move.  And plopped him in the snow while we had fun with the dog.  It's so not fair.

We spent some time staring out the window when he woke up, and for the first time the world was entirely white.  I'm not sure exactly what he thought of it, but he talked to the snow for some time.

Later, we actually went out, and he seemed interested, but since he couldn't move, the excitement was more about what the dog was doing.

And, Harper has never loved anything more than the snow.  She could play in it all day if we let her.  Unfortunately, it was starting to get late enough that there were cars on our street, and we took her back inside the fence pretty quickly.

At least she got a little time to reminisce about her crazy puppy days when we had a couple of 2 ft snow storms in a row.

Funny enough, when I tried to have the Lion walk around, it was more like he was walking on the moon than in the snow.  His snow suit was just too cumbersome.  I can wait for the day when he can romp around with us!

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