Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reflections on 31

I am now 31 (as of yesterday).  I'm owning it.  Even if I wasn't, my mom was plastering it all over my facebook wall.  (Definitely kidding, I'm just enjoying harassing her.)  For some reason, it does seem substantially older than 30, but it still doesn't bother me.

I recently was at a baby shower and was talking to another guest who was about to turn 30.  She asked if it had bothered me, and I honestly answered, "Not really."  We came to the conclusion that both of us were fine with it because we were where we expected to be in life.  My career may not be where I had thought, but I am married, have a wonderful son, and own my home.  She was in a similar position.

This year it is my goal to be happy with where I am at.  Being part time may have depressed me greatly when it happened, but I am so grateful that I get to spend this time with the Lion.  That change in perspective has really made me resolve to be happy with whatever my current situation is, even if it wasn't part of my life plan.  Here's to a fabulous 31!

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  1. Happy belated (sorry I swear I don't even know where my own life is). And what an adorable pic with Lion