Monday, January 23, 2012

The Lion at 8 Months

Hoo boy!  The Lion is A.C.T.I.V.E.  He always was, but this month?  He has decided he doesn't even want to sit down.  Ever.  And we have quit using the changing table because he's flipped over and crawling away before you can blink.  TROUBLE.  But cute trouble.  ;)

Mental Leaps

The babble now comes in sentence form.  Not that it means anything.  Rather that it has a cadence to it.  He also is making his opinions even more well known.  He does NOT want to sit in a highchair to eat.  He wants to STAND in the bath tub.  He wants to have whatever YOU'RE eating, not what's in front of him.  Etc...  He understands most of what you say to him, "Turn off the light", "Put your arm in your sleeve", "Sit down".  Now, whether he wants to LISTEN is another story.  The new words are only speculation.  I believe I'm hearing his version of "Yay" and "All done", but still confirming that one.

Physical Strides

He is EASILY pulling up on his own.  Turn away for 2 seconds, and he's standing by himself at the coffee table.  The problem is, he also believes he can walk.  Which he cannot.  So, he will pull up, let go, and fall and start screaming.  This is requiring sprint work on Chris and my part to prevent.  He can stand momentarily on his own, but we're talking seconds, not minutes here.  He also is now starting to be able to walk holding only one hand.  He STILL does not do a full crawl, and we are starting to believe he never will.  He army crawls incredibly quickly, but that's it.  However, we discovered that if you strip him down to his birthday suit, he will raise himself up a bit.  What a boy will do to avoid rug burn.  ;)  We may be practicing au natural in the future.  His favorite things to practice right now are sitting down from standing and jumping.  What is he still NOT doing?  He still has trouble going from belly to sitting, but will crawl to a step, crawl 1/2 UP the step, and then scoot his legs under him until he is standing.  He also has not mastered the pincher grip.  It's getting close, but he's still mostly mashing food in his fist.    


He's eating pretty much everything that is not a high-allergen food.  We even have managed to re-add sweet potatoes without issue and are trying rice tonight.  The only food we are leaving on the allergy list for sure is squash.  His favorites are some common ones like peaches, bread, and pasta, and some weird ones like spinach and any meat.  He also is way too big a fan of anything that comes in a dropper.  You know your child has been sick too much when he gets excited for a medicine dropper, and I had to hide the Tylenol in a new place already.


I don't want to curse it, but sleep has GREATLY improved.  We have had THREE nights this week that I didn't have to get up with him at all.  I'm really hoping that this trend continues.  He goes down somewhere between 7/7:30 and wakes up between 6:30/7.  We are trying to wean him off of his 3rd nap, and so his schedule has ended up as inconsistent as always during the day.  He usually will end up with somewhere around 3.5 hours of nap on days he's at home and 1.5 hours at daycare.  If we're lucky.  That is a major issue that we are starting to get fairly angry about, but that's a story for another day.


Of course, he's cute all the time.  *cough*  Ok, when he's not being a screaming stubborn mule that is obviously my child.  ;)  ANYWAY, he is laughing a LOT these days, and loves to be tickled, and really, played with fairly roughly.  He's such a boy.  He still LOVES swimming, and splashing, and will even kick now when watching the big kids.  He has an irrational love for the vacuum cleaner and will squeal to get to stand with it.  His favorite toys are anything that he shouldn't have.  Dog toys, magazines, remotes, etc...  He still loves to sing, and I even had to call my mother the other day when I had the Broadway station on and he was singing along at the top of his lungs.  The boy likes his classics.  He is just starting to dance.


I don't know.  As always.  He's somewhere around 20 pounds, and I don't know his length.  I will try and measure and edit this.  He's still almost exclusively in 9 month clothing, but I think we might start moving into some 12 month stuff.  We've actually been in the same size for almost 4 months!  Wow!  We did just purchase convertible car seats, and have installed the one that arrived in Chris's car.  No more carrying him around in his little infant seat anymore.  :'(  Ok, I'm not really sad.  The kid was getting WAY too heavy for that!

Notes from the photo shoot
He actually manage to turn the music on with the Lion!  You have to squeeze the paw.  He completely startled himself with it and he wasn't sure what to think.  And, finally?  The month by month comparison:

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  1. GO LION! WOW - he's changing so much! Jon and I were just saying that Peanut REALLY changed around the 8 month mark!