Thursday, January 19, 2012


These pictures don't have anything to do with the post, but they're recent and cute, so...there it is.  Guess what the Lion did last night?  SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 3 MONTHS!!!  Woo hoo!  I am a happy momma.  

More accurately, he woke up at 11 and 4:30, but put himself back to sleep both times.  I really wasn't sure 4:30 was going to happen, and he fussed for probably around 20 minutes, but never got hysterical, so I let him go.  And...SUCCESS!!!

I am very proud of my little man, and very happy for me.  ;)  And, ok, comment on the pictures.  See that funny face he's making in the picture below?  It's hilarious!  I call it his gorilla face because he keeps pulling his lower teeth in front of his upper ones.  Too funny.


  1. YAY for sleeping and self soothing babies! Way to go Momma!!

  2. he is so cute and congrats on some sleep!