Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Here's to accountability!  The resolution list this year looks surprisingly familiar.  But don't all of ours?  Of course, there's things that I can't put on here that are still resolutions, but so be it.  I'll still do 10.

1)  At least 1/2 hour of exercise a day.  (Following the footsteps of an IRL friend of mine that MADE it last year.  Every.  Single.  Day.)
2)  Eat a healthier, more balanced diet with the goal of cutting out white sugar and flour.  (I am NOT trying to lose weight.  I just eat a lot of crap.)
3)  PR on a 5k.  (This is easy.  My PR is 31 minutes, and I've never trained seriously.)
4)  Run Broad Street (10m) for REAL this year.  (No dog park injuries, getting pregnant, none of that.  You hear?)
5)  Get the house on a schedule.  (Cleaning, chores, the fun stuff)
6)  Get Robby sleeping through the night.
7)  Eat more vegetarian meals again.  (I fully intend to drop the meat completely once Robby is weaned, but who knows when that will be.)
8)  Dry (or style) my hair daily.
9)  Purge items we don't use.  (clothes, attic, etc...  If it's decent, we want to have a yard sale, but it's probably not)
10)  Keep in touch with people better.

Those all seem ambitious enough.  And, of course, anyone who knows me knows what is left off the list, and that's HUGE.'s to a great New Year!!!

What's everyone else trying to accomplish this year?


  1. good luck! :) these are wonderful goals - you can totally do it !:)

  2. Very good goals, but I'm hoping that when you say you'll dry your hair every day, you mean air drying it and not with a dryer and all that! That would be asking too much of a working mom. After all, that's why ponytails and weekends were invented. Or maybe you enjoy styling your hair? I've heard some people actually enjoy it?!? Anyway, good luck on meeting goals in 2012.