Friday, January 6, 2012

A Boy's First Train Set

Chris is passionate about the idea that every boy needs a train set.  Unfortunately, in Chris's mind, this means a train set that is in NO way appropriate for a 7-month-old.  Fortunately, his mother stepped in a bit.  This Christmas, two train sets arrived at our house.  Chris's old, grown-up, potentially dangerous train set was immediately set up on our dining room floor the second company left (and was put away for now after I expressed my horror that it was in reach of our very mobile child).  However, an adorable and age-appropriate set was gifted to Robby on Christmas.

I can't wait for Robby to realize that it's meant for more than just practicing his dexterity at picking things up or chewing, but it's cute, and more importantly, safe and easy to put away.

It's meant to attach to a mat, but really, then he wouldn't get to maul them.  And what fun is that?  Anyway, thanks, Nancy!  He's enjoying it!  

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  1. I'm actually passionate about this too, not just about boys either. We got P her first train set around 7-8 months and she LOVED it!