Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's that you say?

The Lion is now roaring.  Ok, that needs clarification.  He's always been extremely loud and vocal with the babbling.  We now have 3 words.  I've suspected it for awhile, but they've been confirmed.  They are "Mama", "Puppy", and "Hi". 

Last night while Chris was giving Robby a bath, I walked into the room, and he immediately started crying.  Robby, not Chris.  I crouched down and was chatting, and Robby reached out his arms and yelled, clear as day, "Mama!"  Poor Chris.  I really wanted to be excited, but you feel a little guilty when it's at the dad's expense.  The Lion really isn't using the "d" sound much yet, though... 

We had thought we had heard "puppy" before, too, but it was confirmed this morning when I walked downstairs with the Lion, Harper was laying on her chair, and again, Robby reached for her and said, clear as day, "Puppy"!  Lucky girl, he called HER while happy.

And I'm just going to assume after those other 2 that the "Hi" has been real.  He's been saying it while doing his version of a wave, which is more like grabbing, but he's getting it.  So...we have a talker.

(And thanks to Laetitia for the adorable photos from the cookie party this weekend!)

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  1. aww Peanut isn't really talking yet. Although she definitely says "MAMA" without any doubt. And "Blah blah blah blah blah" alongside random baba. No real da-da yet....