Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Well, my husband's asking for hints, so here goes.  I know, I know, other people are curious, too.  ;)  Let it be known that I'm all for surprises so I like to either NOT give a list, or over-share vague-ly in the hopes of not knowing.

A new pair of Tom's.  I have worn the heck out of my Olive, size 8 Tom's, and would love another pair in a different color (Since I obviously am still going to wear my Olive ones even if there's about to be a hole in the toe.)  These grey ones look wonderful:

Tickets to the Nutcracker.  It's been years, and I know Chris hasn't seen it.  I know, I know, we had tickets a couple years ago that we wasted, because I got a strep throat (how dare I), but we could try again.

A new black purse.  Mine met an untimely end.  You know very well that I don't care about labels.  It needs to be big enough that I can also stuff diapers and such in there.  Professional looking enough for work.  Needs to not LOOK excessively cheap.  This one's alright, but not attached to it or anything:

New slippers.  Mine are nasty.  Again, size 8.  Hard/Rubber bottom.  NOT these, but they're funny.

Long sleeve, plain colored shirts for layering.  Probably Medium (Small if the boob-area is forgiving enough).  Longer length.  Cotton-based.  Stretchy.  This one is also probably a questionable choice based on how low the V is.  I like it a lot, but Robby might expose the girls.  Like:

One of those facial scrubber thing-ies.

Black dress pants.  Size 4.  Or khakis while you're at it.  (Well, or I don't have navy or brown either, but I don't dress up all that often.)  OK, if they're JCrew, I'd need a 6.

New perfume.  (You know I can't smell well, you choose.)

Date night.

Smallish nice earrings.  Most of my earrings are dangly and that doesn't work with the kid.

Make-up.  Particularly enjoying eyeshadow right now.  This looks like fun, but I know, it's a lot.

Things you'll never get me:
-  Kindle fire or iPad
-  A zoom lens for the camera
-  Trip to get you out of the country.  Not suggesting extravagant, but like Niagara Falls.  Though warm would be nicer.  More expensive, though.  Oh, well, this is fantasy land, right?  Caribbean.
-  A fancy phone with a data package


  1. I can help him with the small nice earrings!! Tell him to email me!!! ;)

  2. ooooooooooooooooooh, I LOVE Toms!!!