Thursday, December 29, 2011

Robby's First Christmas

Robby had a good time with both sets of grandparents coming to our house, but honestly, it was a little beyond him.  He LOVES playing with all his new toys, but only had a vague interest in pulling off wrapping paper.  Seriously, what sort of baby doesn't enjoy mauling paper.  Shame, lil man, shame.  :)

"Why do I have to wait?!?!"

Obviously, the most important thing is how the gift tastes.

I had to get him a truck.  I know it's going to be awhile before it really gets much use, but c'mon.  He's a little boy.  Had to do it.  And it's my contribution to "Made in America".  It's from a great company called Green Toys.

 Harper's always helpful and excited.  Although, this was ACTUALLY a present for her.  Usually she's indiscriminate about her opening.

On the other hand, even though we all went a little "grown up" with our toys, he seems to understand them perfectly.  He has been happily knocking over blocks and cups that we stack, and even trying to place them on top of each other himself.  He has put balls on the space they are meant to go in and hammered them.  And, most enjoyably to him, he has banged on his new piano and walked with his dino walker.

The face may not look excited here, but oh man.  He's been wearing out my back.

Almost ideally, he went down for a nap in the middle of opening presents, so we got a chance to do an adult Christmas before he woke up for round two.  You may notice three outfits in these pictures.  He wore the green and red striped sleeper 1st, then the Santa suit, and then, because he can't walk in the Santa suit, a random onesie and pants.  Chris objected greatly to him not being in a holiday outfit, but I would rather he not get frustrated.  Lil man is loud.  I'll elaborate more later, but there's your first glimpse!

The homemade train set Grandma P sewed for him!


  1. Good call on the "more advanced" and older gifts. Robby's a smart kid and this way yall will get way more use out of them! He's a cutie for sure!

  2. Cute photos. I'm glad he sort of gets the hang of the balls and hammer. I think he'll get a LOT more use out of this as the year goes on. I hope there's some kind of collection tray under it so you don't have to chase balls all over the house. If it didn't come with one, you may want to keep it on a pizza pan with a lip. We used to do this so the twins could put them in the holes and watch them fall again and again.