Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just a Quickie

HILARIOUS moment of sleep deprivation last night. It was about 2 am, and the baby was crying. I wake up, and think, "Oh, I better bring him back to his crib." This is odd, since he doesn't sleep in our bed. I spent 5 minutes picking up the CAT like the baby (under his arms), then dropping it, thinking, "Wait, that's the cat, he's got to be here somewhere" before finally realizing, "Oh, if I hear him over the monitor, he's in his room." Yay for 2 am.


  1. haha! hope you got some sleep today!

  2. LOL aww the fun of a sleep deprived mom. Glad you found some humor. Btw - your title for this post - LOL KATY!