Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Real Halloween Costume

The Lion actually DID come home in the skeleton outfit.  Who knew?  Still, we had something else planned for that night.  Not surprisingly, the Lion was....the Nittany Lion.  Although most people thought he was a bear, which was just fine by me.

These are less than great pictures of me, but I know I'm not who matters here.  That is one cute little bear/lion.  It's a 12-month-sized outfit, so there was some cuffing going on, but he still was very snuggly.  That might have been something to do with trick-or-treating running from 6 to 8 pm.  He was a sleepy man!

We had no intention of actually going trick-or-treating, but we did stop by across the street and next door to show off the cuteness.  We also ran into another neighbor who has a little boy, Kaden, who is a couple weeks younger than Robby.  He was dressed as a pea pod, which the Lion found utterly fascinating.  He insisted on grabbing at the fuzzy green outfit the entire time Kaden's mom was trying to take pictures.

I also harassed my elderly neighbor, Ann.  She's in her 80's, and I don't think she intended to hand out candy.  She was sitting in her living room watching tv in her nightgown, but I kept ringing the doorbell until she gave up and opened the door.  (Understand, this is usually how it goes, and she's always thrilled that it's us.)  I knew she'd want to see lil man in his costume, and I was right.  Though she immediately started bustling around trying to find stuff for trick-or-treaters, since she had forgotten what day it was.  And tried to give me candy, which I refused.  1)  Robby isn't eating it yet (though is thoroughly entertained by the crinkly wrappers) and 2) We have TONS left over.

Another neighbor gave me props for getting face-paint on him, but honestly?  That was really easy.  He laughed the whole time.  Apparently it tickled.  There you have it.  Lion's first Halloween.  Maybe next year he can get a sugar high.  (Doubtful, but he can dream.)