Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Irrational Fears

We all have them.  You can own up to it.  Mine may be a little more bizarre than some other people's, but that's ok.  Here goes a revealing look into my head.  These are the things I am afraid of:

1)  Spit

Having a baby has made me deal with this.  Unfortunately.  On the upside, his drool doesn't bother me nearly as much as other spit.  Maybe because it's expected?  Chris enjoys being cruel and threatening to give me wet willies or to lick me.  WRONG.

2)  Flying

This picture is actually new.

I used to be ok with this.  I thought I was lucky.  My mother is TERRIFIED of flying, to the point that she needs an "aid" to get on and off planes.  But, that's an improvement from the days when she wouldn't fly.  I'm going backwards.  I used to think it was fun, and now, particularly if I start to fall asleep, I feel like I'm falling out of the sky.

3) Eels and Water Snakes

  (I know I'm stretching on this one.  Do you really think I'd dress him up as an EEL?!?!)

When I was 8 years old I was happily swimming behind the canoe in the lake at my grandparents' house when my uncle turned around and said a few fateful words, "Katy, you know there are eels in there..."  I screamed and almost tipped the boat trying to get in.  There is something UNNATURAL about snakes swimming.  I'm sorry.  It just shouldn't happen.  I actually am NOT afraid of snakes on land.  But this is part of why I am putting off registering for a triathlon.  Open water swim?  No thank you!  However, I do find eel sushi delicious.  Go figure.

4)  Heights

This one isn't so bad, but it's bad enough that my friends think it's just HILARIOUS to sit next to me on a roller coaster.  Also, I promise you I will never go bungee jumping or sky-diving.  But, I can go up in a tall building just fine.

All of these paranoias make me grateful that God has given me the strength to overcome my fears.  Head over to Miss M's Month of Gratitude.

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  1. Yours aren't all that crazy....maybe spit