Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grateful for Rain

No, it's not raining right now.  Nor do we need rain.  But today has been a long day with no pictures, so I was thinking of short anecdotes.  Of course, I appreciate that rain helps plants grow, and all that good stuff, but really?  This is just about my complete enjoyment of it.

I remember once writing about my favorite place for school, and it was sitting on the bench in front of the large window at my grandparents' watching the rain fall on the lake and reading.  Really?  I can't imagine a better day than getting to curl up with a good book, under a blanket, while rain is falling outside.  Sadly, that doesn't happen so often right now, since someone doesn't think I should sit still, but one day we'll get back there.  Hopefully.

The semi-amusing anecdote is that not once, but TWICE I had the experience of walking across campus in the rain, just relishing the cool drops on my head, and having a guy run up behind me and offer to walk with me under his umbrella.  The guy at OSU, I did take up on the offer, because I had learned my lesson at Notre Dame.  I had declined, saying I was enjoying walking in the rain (which I was).  The poor guy looked devastated, and I can only imagine how low he must have felt.  I do acknowledge that it's a pretty weird thing to GENUINELY love walking in the rain.  It must have come across as the ultimate shoot-down, though.

There ya go.  Today I'm thankful for rain.

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