Wednesday, November 9, 2011

People Say the Darndest Things

Today I am grateful for random comments that make you reconsider what you're doing, who you are, or just what people are thinking.  I had two of those yesterday.

Yesterday morning I was deeply saddened when I called our gym and asked, "I see you have a swim class for 6 months and older.  My son is 5 1/2 months.  Is there any way he can join?"  They said no.  I promptly decided we were going to go to the pool anyway and swim on our own.  Well, promptly following his nap.  And feeding.  And, alright, it was about 2 hours later.

Predictably, Robby LOVED swimming in the indoor pool and did a great job with it.  He watched all the older kids having classes, was happy floating on his stomach or back, splashed away, and loved "jumping" in (with my help).  His version of jumping was standing on the side and having mom do the jumping portion.  He also thought it was hilarious when I took him into the deeper area and treaded water while holding him so he bounced a bit.  After half an hour, I decided he had had enough, though I would place money on that he probably would have stayed in forever if I let him.  Takes after his mom just a little bit.

As we were getting out, I saw an earring on the ramp.  (Oh, how awesome is it that this is a handicap accessible pool, so there is a full wheelchair ramp...which I could walk up while carrying a baby????)  I called the lifeguard over and told him, but said I couldn't get it while holding the Lion.  He looked pretty miserable, but started to get ready to jump in.  I said, "If you don't want to get in, you can hold a baby, and I can grab it."  His face lit up, and he took that offer.  I got the earring, took Robby back, and the lifeguard said, "Man, he's a lot heavier than he looks!  How much does he weigh?"  After I told him 18 pounds, he said, "You don't look nearly big enough to have an 18 pound baby."  I thanked him, but I think that this probably-just-graduated-high-school male is a little confused on how things work.  As the baby gets BIGGER, the mom does tend to get SMALLER.  God forbid I ever had to birth an 18 pound child!!!

After the pool, Robby and I went to the outlet mall to return some pants for Chris.  Obviously, we had to go in all the baby stores while we were there.  While in Carter's, an elderly woman walked up to me and asked, "Do you work here?"  Ok, not an odd question, I've gotten it a million times at various places.  But not when I was sopping wet, stinking of chlorine, wearing a sweatshirt and track pants, and pushing a stroller.  That certainly just resulted in me looking at her with the most confused look ever.  Ah, well.  Guess I give off that Carter's vibe.  (All apologies to a great store whose employees certainly do NOT look that grungy.)

Here is one last person who says funny things.  Or, rather incomprehensible things.  Ok, it's just a video of Robby waking up and babbling.  Enjoy.  (Yes, it starts out with the lights out.)



  1. That lifeguard sounded like a completely lost kid. What did that comment even mean? And why would you work there while pushing the stroller?? So confusing. People are crazy! Cute video!

  2. God bless that lifeguard. So much better than "When are you do?" !