Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trying to Escape

Don't tell Robby he can't crawl.  He won't believe you.  At least not while he's sleeping.  Or on a changing table. In reality?  He's not close.  But at night, he escapes from his swaddle, rotates 180 degrees, and moves down the crib.  How?  I'm honestly not sure.  I need a nanny cam on this little Houdini.

Oh, don't let that acting job fool you.  This cute little face hides an entirely awake child.  He's fronting for the camera.  And blowing bubbles.

I also should mention that these pictures are from last week because that swaddler will not fit around his body.  We have gone up a size.  Which he still escapes from.  It may be time to ditch it, but, for my sanity?  I'm stalling.

Uh oh, he heard me.  Looks like he's really working on that arm strength.  He'll run away to some house that will swaddle him for the rest of his life.  You just watch.

Oh, wait, found an arm to suck on.  Nevermind.  **Arms were bruised in the taking of this photo.  By the child giving himself a hickey.**


  1. KATY he is SO CUTE! :) ps- Peanut did the same thing! We had to move her from the co-sleeper early because she would rotate and then snuggle up against the wall of the co sleeper and I was scared that she would suffocate. She actually stopped rotating once in the crib but she still slithers down to the bottom. SO WEIRD

  2. LOVE the last picture!

    So funny because I always get out my video camera and try to get wyatt moving and he doesn't but as soon as I run out of the room to get something I come back and he is turned the other direction! crazy sneaky babies! ha ha!