Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Lion at 2 Months

Where is the time going?!?!  Already he is SOOOO big.  This month has brought a much more interactive boy.  He is happy, generally easygoing, and LOVES his Momma.  Almost to the point that it hurts Daddy's feelings.  I know soon enough this will flip around, but for now?  Just my presence will often make him settle down.

He is most CERTAINLY a chunkster.  As always, his appointment is next week, so I'm not sure of his exact weight, but I'm guessing around 13.5 pounds.  Both outfits in this post are 3-6 months, and both are a little snug.  That is truly ridiculous, and it means that my mother and Chris keep battling for college football fandom by buying larger sizes for their respective schools.  (Ok, that's ignoring that my mother actually WENT to Penn State, but has been sending OSU and ND.  Ok, she went to OSU, too.  But it's still funny.)

There is a side by side of 2 months to 1 month.  He's packing it on!

 Chris's most recent Penn State purchase.  And, yes, it's supposed to fit a 6 month old.  Laugh with me now.  Hahahahahahahaha!

Robby and his Buddha belly are joining in.  

At 2 months, Robby is very alert.  He was sleeping through the night from about 9 pm to 7 am, or with only one wake-up, but this past week while it was hot, all schedules have flown out the window.  He takes a long nap from about 10:30 am to noon, and then a couple brief ones in the afternoon.  He follows toys with his eyes, talks to them, and can grab them with his hands.  On the activity mat, he kicks and waves his arms at the toys, as well as loves staring at himself in the mirror.  We have Mr. Vain on our hands.  He can roll onto his side pretty well, but we aren't making it all the way over any more.  He seems to know the word "eat", and will stop crying when it is said to him.  He's very smiley, and will "talk back" to you when you converse with him.  

Finally, the dog and cat are as interesting to Robby as he is to them.  Harper helped out with taking pictures, and most mornings we'll sit on the floor with her for awhile and play tug or ball.

"Ok, Mom, enough's enough"

(And, my confession: here's one of the secrets to getting his attention for the pictures)


  1. omg KATY HE IS A BRUISER :) Peanut just had her 6 months apt this morning and she came in at just over 13 lbs. She is not in the 5 percentile. TINY

  2. God Bless!!! Can't wait to meet big guy in person....give us a shout when you are free :)
    Cath& Sham

  3. This kid has more Penn State gear than I do! Love it.

  4. Emily...he does not have ENOUGH PSU gear....

  5. Chris, posting anonymously doesn't mean I'll think it's someone else telling me Robby needs more PSU stuff.

  6. I know people sometimes hang out with someone not very good looking to make them look better, but I swear Robbie is cute. You don't need to keep posting pictures with that nasty bear thing to make him look cuter. Robbie does look a lot more manly then that bear thing also