Monday, July 11, 2011

Spectacularly Stupid Things I've Done Lately

Well, if I'm not an Idiot's Guide for what not to do, I don't know who is.  And, a few of the "exciting" reasons I have failed to blog recently reminded me of just how rarely I remember to screw my head on straight.

1)  My trip to the emergency room last week - I decided it was time for my rings to fit again.  Since I had quite a bit of swelling toward the end of pregnancy, I couldn't get my rings on my fingers for the longest time.  With my weight being ALMOST back to what it was, I thought they should easily slide on.  Even when they fought me, did I stop?  Nope, just jammed them on.  AND...cut off the circulation to my finger.  It swelled to double its size and turned purple.  Meghan generously came over and watched Robby until Chris could get home, and I headed over to the emergency room, where they cut the rings off.  Now, I still won't be wearing wedding rings until I get to the jewelers to have them repaired.  Time to hit up the bars!  ;)

2)  My trip to the pediatrician - I am a horrible mother.  Why you say?  I was taking my child for a check-up, that's responsible, right?  It is until you forget to buckle the car seat on the way home.  I had heard of others doing this and thought I could NEVER forget that.  Uh huh.  Fortunately, nothing happened.  I'm still horrified.

3)  Opened the basement window - Ok, so how's this stupid?  It's not, except that Monster JUMPED THROUGH THE SCREEN to attack a cat.  He was seriously injured, but fortunately will be alright, after yet another vet visit.  Alright, I'm not the stupid one here.  But the cat?  Oh yeah.

4)  Leaving the hose out - Yeah yeah,also not necessarily dumb.  But the dog chewed the nozzle off for the THIRD TIME.  She is being HORRIBLE recently.  She's now decided she's jealous of Robby (though still loves him and protects him, too, go figure).  She is literally fighting me for my attention sometimes (yes, she's nipped at me), destroying things, and even has batted at Robby.  We're working on increasing her exercise and individual attention, but it's been rough.

Not so dumb things I've been up to:

1)  Back to work (at home).  It's proving to be difficult, but manageable.  Robby certainly doesn't like deadlines, so if I have a quick turn around, there's been a lot of screaming.  Some of it's from him.  ;)  He's spending much too much time sleeping in a swing.

2)  Look at our garden grow!

3)  Growing babies!  Robby's now following things with his eyes, talking back to us, and generally being more and more agreeable.  Thank goodness since I'm being more and more demanding with the whole working thing.  He's slept through the night a couple times now, and probably would a few more, other than I keep waking him up because I'M uncomfortable.  I'm also not sure if I should care at all that sometimes I go in to check in the morning, and he's already awake, but just laying there happily.  Pretty sure that's a good thing.  He is now outgrowing his 3 MONTH clothes.  At 7 weeks!  SHEESH.  (Ok, not an attractive picture.  But it's a tight outfit.)

4)  I started running again!  Doing...alright.  Figured out I'm the equivalent level of week 3 Couch to 5K.  Ouch!  I'll get back there.

And...yes I used up all my recent pictures, as I figure I'll probably be horrible about posting.  Though I'm sure I'll have just as many ridiculous reasons why!


  1. omg the seatbelt thing. I'm cringing at my desk. I had a horrible mommy moment this weekend!!!! I went to go get gas while Peanut was asleep in her carseat and while I was pumping the car got SO HOT! I didn't realize until I got back in (thankfully all of 2 minutes later) and I FREAKED OUT! Fanned her, maxed the AC and cried. She didn't even wake up (even though I poked her to make sure she was alive). Then I bolted home (2 minute drive) and ran her into her AC'd room and had another moment of panic. AHHH MOMMYHOOD!

  2. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Number 2? Yeah, I was guilty of that one too!! Gah! I felt soooo terrible!! There is nothing worse than when your hubby gets the baby out of the car then proceeds to tell you {very nicely in my case} that I might like to know that I forgot to finish clipping the capsule in. Marvelous... > x <

    bonita of Depict This!
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