Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

You would think that not doing too many house projects for once would make for a relaxing weekend.'d be wrong.  Chris only relaxes when his hands are tied and he is absolutely FORCED to.  And by this, I mean he has a concussion or there is a tornado warning while he's working in the back yard (true stories).  This weekend, Chris's parents and some dear friends came to visit...and Chris still managed to take down the old basketball pole in the back yard.  Don't get me wrong, I love that he's driven, I just get tired.

I felt absolutely terrible about *our friends'* baby's dog allergy.  (*Edit: sorry, I wasn't clear)  He doesn't react to fur, but licking?  Huge, scary hives.  Immediately.  And anyone who has ever met Harper knows that there is nothing she likes to do in this world more than lick people.  Particularly if they're sweaty, and it was 100+ degrees on Saturday.  She was an angel, though, and while she watched the munchkin the entire time, once she was told to lay down and leave him alone, she did.  So proud of my girl!  Chris and I talked later about how difficult it would be for us if we had a child that was allergic to animals.  Obviously, we're more than a little attached to Monster and Harper.  Can't think about it.  I might cry.

Apologies to Keith for this picture, but it's up here because Michael is making truck noises and it's just too cute.

Harper also REALLY wanted to play with Misty...but the little dog was just too intimidated by her size.  No one loves her.  The cat won't play, the pomeranian won't play...what's a girl to do?

Obviously, come hang out with mom.

Hope your weekend was great, too!


  1. Having a baby who was allergic to dogs would massively stretch my loyalties.

    I don't know the saga would end.

    But it wouldn't be pretty.

  2. so sorry to hear about your predicament! looks like a fun-filled weekend, though!

  3. I had a friend who had to give up her cat because her baby had such bad allergies. She was heartbroken! That would be a rough scenario.

    The little man is adorable. I always post unattractive pics of the hubs because miss M is too cute in them. LOL

  4. Pet allergies are not from fur, but from animal saliva. Cats lick/clean themselves more often so that's why people are allergic to them and dogs lick their own fur less which is why people with pet allergies can still be in the same room w/ a dog. I have this allergy and had dogs growing up. I can pet dogs, I just don't let them lick me, or else I must wash my hands immediately. My face would break into a rash/hives if I let them lick me. In a room with a cat, I'll eventually stop breathing, so no fear, you can live with a dog even if you're allergic, you just need to be extra careful.