Monday, July 12, 2010

New Blog: Old State Glory

Big news!

I was noticing that I was getting football and tailgaiting hits here, and, well, we love football, but I don't talk about it all that much.  Then I realized that Chris's musings had picked up some links.  SO...without further ado...I'll talk about the new blog.  It only has 4 posts so far, so it's just getting up and running, and it's certainly not pretty yet, but if you want to hear Chris and I trash talking each other entirely too much, and generally making people concerned for the state of our marriage...I give you:

Obviously, I will be changing the button up soon, and making SUBSTANTIAL changes to the design, but I had to make sure you football fans were getting to the right place!

(Don't worry, MonsterProof isn't going anywhere, we're just separating out the football.)


  1. How exciting for the two of you - I hope it's off to a fantastic start!

  2. I wish I knew enough about football to "trash talk". It sounds like fun!