Friday, July 23, 2010

My Olive Obsession

We like green.  A lot.  Our guest and master bedrooms were already "Bamboo" (a VERY light green), but this past weekend I painted the living room, dining room, and hallway "Tate Olive".  I like it a lot.  I understand many people would feel like they're living in a rainforest, but to each their own.  The entire house has wood floors and wood beams on the ceilings.  That being said, I need help!

Our color scheme is generally fairly "primary".  We accent with deep red, gold, and navy.  (Let's just ignore the fact that I have a purple bathroom.)  The living room has incorporated all FIVE colors.  (Red, yellow, blue, green, and brown from the floors)  I'm starting to feel it's too many colors, but I can't decide what to change.  Also, the room is pretty bare.  But I can't decide what to put in it!  Here's some pictures, and then advice would be great!  (Just don't tell me to change the walls!)

Alright, these are not the most helpful pictures (though obviously the dog IS).  However...

Any suggestions?


  1. Sadly, I have dreadful taste, so can't contribute much advice - but definitely keep the dog, he brings the room together!

  2. I love green too! Our bedroom and living room are green right now but we're going to repaint the bedroom so that we can do the baby room green too :) and I have green accents throughout the house like EVERYWHERE!

    As for advice- it's hard to tell from the pics, but maybe a nice big table on the rug? A couch? Like maybe an L shaped one? I love the curtains so maybe use them as inspiration?