Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Friendly Neighborhood Groundhog

My garden is not thriving.  In fact, we have harvested one cherry tomato so far.  Oh, I've been able to get armfuls of basil and banana peppers from my pots, but my in-the-ground garden?  It's not happening.  And WHY is it not happening?  This guy:

I know, not the best shots, but I didn't have a zoom lens on, and I wasn't about to get attacked by a ravenous groundhog.  I was so frustrated that I have taken to putting bricks in each of the holes he digs around the perimeter, gravel in his home (which is behind our shed), and mothballs around the edge of the garden.  While I want him GONE and eating some other delicious thing, I do not want him DEAD.  I know, crazy animal-nut that I am.  However, Saturday morning, I was DEVASTATED because I thought I had killed him.  There was, what appeared to be, a groundhog curled up in our driveway.  Oh, it was certainly an animal, and probably even one of the other neighborhood groundhogs, and it was most certainly dead...but it wasn't OUR groundhog.  I took these photos of him yesterday.  Proof is in the pudding ya'll. 

Currently, I have 3 leaves of lettuce that are almost to picking size, so Mr. Groundhog?  I know you love them, but aren't multiple heads of lettuce enough?  Could you just leave these last couple of leaves alone?  Please?


  1. So it eats them while they're still underground, or it pulls them up? That thing looks kind of big. I have never seen one in real life.

  2. It digs under the fence and eats anything above ground. I think my carrots are ok, but they're not harvested yet. And...guessing...20 pounds? Maybe?

    Ugh, we see them ALL the time. Pretty much every house on the street has a resident groundhog.

  3. You have your own Gerald!!!

    p.s.~ Land beaver is just hilarious, I love your friend.