Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Fashion" Blogs

In the interest of full disclosure this is a typical day heading into the office.  I work in a fairly casual environment.  I am not claiming I am a fashion plate. 

I wanted to discuss fashion blogs.  Some blogs are great, and I love seeing the outfits, and I am not talking about you.  In fact, go over and check out Ali at Food Fitness Fashion (though she's not posting because she's on her honeymoon) or Marcia at Marcia is amused. , they both genuinely have good fashion sense, and are worthy of putting up their daily outfits.  I'm talking about the people that put up their outfits, name their blog something to do with fashion, and yet look like they put on a big old box of crazy.  I am not naming names, but, really?  Since when does "unique" equal "fashionable"?

I know better than to put my fashion choices out there.  I have my own style I suppose, but it's pretty much hippie maternity wear.  And, no, I'm not pregnant.  I even drive my husband nuts with my loose, flowy clothes, loud prints, and bohemian vibe.  Do I enjoy my clothes?  For the most part.  I could probably move in a more professional direction.  But do I think they're worthy of sharing on a daily basis?  Absolutely not!  And, no, I didn't choose a "good" or a "bad" outfit for today.  It's just what I was wearing after running across yet another crazy fashion poster. 

We are absolutely all entitled to our own style.  And I think that my Maid of Honor and I did a great job of acknowledging that with our respective weddings.  When we went shopping for her wedding dress, we even started labeling stores "my style" or "her style".  This is not saying ANYTHING negative about her choices, they just aren't mine.  When it came to wedding dresses, she wanted a satin, princess, ball gown, and I wanted form-fitting lace.  Neither is a bad choice, but just unique to our personalities.

I think, though, when you have a very off-beat style, you run the risk of looking off your rocker if you are a fashion blogger, and perhaps should consider how well your advice will be received.  Maybe I just don't get it.  


  1. I know my personal sense of style works for me but I would never share it with the world. I agree unique does not equal fashionable.

  2. I thought your dress was PERFECTLY your style! I like that you like hippie maternity wear :) The problem is when I wear it, people ask me when I'm due! - Quynh

  3. If only I had a personal style, then I'd feel free to share it with the blogging world!