Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Troubled Times

I have very sad news.  Yet another "person" in my life is pretty sick.  I feel comfortable sharing this news, however.  Please keep Brutus in your thoughts:

Brutus is the adorable, though somewhat loutish bulldog belonging to my brother.  Because my brother and his wife decided to take a break after he graduated with his MBA from University of Chicago (yes, my brother is a smart cookie.  Congrats Jim!), they left Brutus some of the time with both of their parents, but for a brief period, he was boarded.  And during that time, the Bru contracted one heck of a case of kennel cough.  He'll be ok, but the little dude is pretty miserable right now.  As are my parents, because he is sleeping on their bed, and keeping them up all night with his hacking.

Not only is he sick, he doesn't realize that he's moving.  Jim and Sara are moving to NYC for my brother's new job, and since Brutus isn't a fan of moving vans, and uprooting his life, he is arriving a week later with my parents.  Best of luck to Jim, Sara, and Brutus on their next great adventure!

(obviously, he was much younger/smaller in this picture)


  1. Get well Brutus! We used to give our dog anti-anxiety medication when we moved--and we moved A LOT!

  2. Aww, Brutus is so cute :D I'm sure he's happy to be with such loving people!!

  3. Awww! Poor pup! He is such a cutie. I hope he gets better soon. You guys don't need anything else like that going on.

  4. That dog is so cute! I love his costume!