Friday, March 26, 2010

Now THAT's How to Instruct a Class

After the Yoga fiasco, I was really starting to question my local YMCA.  Don't get me wrong, I still would have loved the equipment, access to the pool, and the like.  However, classes were not sounding so appealing.  Well, strike that thought!  Today I went to a Cardio Fusion class that was just wonderful.  Here's what the instructor did right:

1)  Started promptly and made the class aware of what equipment they needed (2 sets of weights and a mat).
2)  Gave 3 levels for every exercise we did.  For most, I did the most difficult without stress, but my knees can't handle lunges yet.  She noticed, asked if I was having trouble with my back or my knees, and made a suggestion.
3)  Was friendly, but not overly talkative.  The class revolved around the work-out.
4)  Had a silly "woo" noise, which initially I found a little annoying, but it kept me entertained.
5)  Looked the part.  Great, toned body.  Not excessively thin.  Cute workout attire.  Now, I don't base entirely on looks.  I had a wonderful arms and abs instructor once that appeared overweight.  But it does help you believe that they know what they're doing.  Also, can't stand the anorexic looking ones.  Although, honestly, they're rarely the instructors.  There was one woman in class today, and she just couldn't keep up!  EAT something!  You'll have more energy!
6)  Adequately stretched before and after the class, but didn't waste time.
7)  Invited us to join the following (abs) class.  Of course, I had to go to work, so that wasn't gonna happen, but I wish!

Anyway, I'm just pleased.  And wish the class was every day.  And, am AMAZED that after 3 weeks of not working out (aside from walking the dog many miles most days, which I don't count), I still flew through the class no sweat (ok, there was sweat, but it was a breeze).  Can't wait til I can actually RUN again, but for now?  Happy.

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