Monday, March 22, 2010

Anyone want a dog?

Kidding.  She's becoming such a sweet, wonderful, cuddle-bug.  However, that sweet, wonderful, cuddle-bug and her pit bull friend took out my good knee on Friday.  Since I was still not walking particularly well, as my left knee was sore from overuse, I was taking Harper to the dog park every evening.  She has a habit of treating me as "home base".  She'll race around the yard, chasing her buddies, then return to me at full speed.  Protection?  Checking in?  Who knows....  Either way, she and her friend came barreling towards me, and collided with my RIGHT knee.  A few witnesses heard it pop.  It was not pleasant.  I have not seen a doctor, and am hobbling around all right.  I have self-prescribed ice, ibuprofen, a knee brace, and rest.  And to think I thought my LEFT knee hurt...oh this is worse, folks.  MUCH worse.  As a response, since the weight is creeping back after 2 weeks of inactivity, and to have a PRAYER of running 10 miles in a month and 1/2, I have signed up for 2 yoga classes and a cardio class that start this week at the Y.  The cardio class isn't until Friday, so we'll see how mobile I am by then.  Regardless, I believe running is OUT for the foreseeable future.      


  1. I think I was posting the same offer on Twitter the day you posted this. Fortunately for them, mine didn't try to take me out a la Tanya Harding! Hopefully by now it's starting to feel better.

  2. Ha! I may start calling her Tanya!