Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Horror at the Dog Park

Yesterday, Harper and I went to the dog park to try and burn off some energy.  I was planning on going out with a friend, and Chris can't study unless Harper will pass out.  She had been there both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday went phenomenally...but a dog attacked her on Sunday and she freaked out.  Stupid, irresponsible owners...  ANYWAY, I don't want to write about them.

Last night, I'm standing there talking to Judah (beagle-mix) and Michelle (pit-mix) 's Moms.  All of a sudden, Michelle's mom SCREAMS bloody murder, "Where did that dog come from?"  As we see a LARGE black lab throwing itself against the OUTSIDE of the dog park fence.  A car stopped on the road, and our assumption was that it had stopped to help.  Oh, no.  What REALLY happened is that the lab was SO excited to get to the park, that it jumped on the window controls, rolled down the back window of the car, and jumped out of the moving vehicle.  The stopped car was the owners.  Fortunately, the dog was fine, and it immediately came inside and ran around like the loon it is.  Scary, though!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a couple photos proving that the ears are indeed up:

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