Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's coming...I promise

Alright, I've been stalling on doing a blog post because I know people want puppy pictures, and I have failed to download my camera.  I know, drag me out and shoot me.  So, here's a brain dump.

Wedding:  Aunt Polly, you were right.  Should've gotten married last August.  This year and a half engagement has been WAY too long and 99% of the planning was done eons ago.  Finally ordered invites, so if they ever arrive...people will be getting them.  Couple weeks maybe.

Puppy:  MUCH better.  She's been on more of a schedule, and has been a million times easier to handle.  Doesn't mean she doesn't have her issues.  #1 right now is jumping on people.  Sorry to all the recent visitors she's mauled.  She's still the friendliest cuddlebug ever, but doesn't realize how big and strong she is.

House:  Window in the bathroom cracked in the snowpocalypse, and a lot of the drywall seams are visible because of the shoddy job the previous owner did.  Strongly considering new siding and windows soon.  Bob the builder came out and told us we don't have to worry about the cracks we're seeing, though.  Phew.

Exercise:  It's weird.  I've lost 10 lbs, my clothes are LITERALLY falling off me, and I feel like I'm in great shape.  Still frustrated with my progress, though!  For instance, before work today, I ran 2.5 miles, and walked 0.75.  Not too shabby, right?  Well, other than I should be running 4 at this point.  We'll see if I make it to running 10 at a time by May 2nd yet.  Eek!  Already took the wedding dress in once, and have an emergency fitting scheduled for the week before the wedding.  Thank goodness for a phenomenal seamstress who can turn it around in time if necessary!

Well, there's what's on my mind.  I promise to try and download pictures tonight. 

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