Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh swimming. How I have missed you. Obviously, since I have now gotten to the gym at 5:30 am TWO days in a row without dragging my feet. Too much. It helps that Harper whines about 5 to go out anyway, so I can walk her, put her back in her crate, and take off. The ridiculously early time is so that Chris can still get ready for work puppy-free after I get home.

I swam competitively during the summers, water polo in high school, some in college, and some in law school, but then continued to swim a bit just for exercise. "Back in the day" about 8 years ago (man, time flies), I worked at a daycare at a gym. Almost every day after work, I would throw on my suit and swim a mile. And think nothing of it. Now, being a daycare provider really is one of the MOST physically demanding jobs out there. Don't be deceived by cute little faces. You are running around, playing games, lifting little bodies, etc... So to still want to swim 72 laps every day is a little bit nuts.

HOWEVER, the last time I seriously swam was with water polo in law school, so...3.5 years? So getting back into it has been ROUGH. I've only been doing about 30 laps at a pop, and oh, I'm feeling it. Fortunately, I can still barely squeeze into the old racing suits, but had to get a new cap and goggles. Highly recommend the Speedo Women's Vanquisher. They're great, though a PAIN IN THE BUTT to change the nose piece. It does not just "snap in", Speedo. They do work like a dream, though. Here's to using them every day for a long time to come!

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