Monday, January 25, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

Well, yes, the weather is horrific right now, but this is really a post about washing pets. Ours? Don't like it. Don't like it ONE bit. Both of them think that this has got to be just about the most inhumane thing ever created by man and will claw, bite, squeal, and do anything and everything to get out of the tub.

Even worse? The flexible shower nozzle. Wonderful for us, but apparently a snake-like object that spits water at high velocity is not exactly how Monster and Harper would spend a lazy afternoon.

Harper's new buddy Rory

Currently, Harper could probably use another bath. We met up with Adrienne and Jamie and their Australian Shepherd puppy, Rory. This was WONDERFUL. Harper has been passed out ever since. However, Rory and Harper did have WAY too much fun digging and rolling in the dirt.

Why is this a problem? Chris has given the last 2 baths to Harper and feels it is my turn. Ok, maybe. BUT, I gave the last 2 baths to MONSTER. And, really, I don't care if the dog's bad, there is NOTHING that compares to giving a 15-lb cat a bath.

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