Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Alright, so it's doppelganger week over on Facebook, and honestly, I don't look so much like any celebrity. I can wish, but it doesn't make it true. Here are some I've heard. Some...are better than others...

This is my favorite. Bette Davis. She's an incredible actress, and I was immensely flattered when a teacher commented on this. I think it's the eyes, actually, and not just because I have the song in my head.

This one...I don't get. Natasha Richardson. My friend swears by it, though. Sure, Matt. continues the trend of deceased actresses. She also was very talented, so at least that's good.

This probably the closest match. Yes, I voted for John Kerry, but don't know if I'd choose to look exactly like his daughter, Alexandra. So be it. Who do you look like?

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