Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Lion at 21 Months

I know, I know, I haven't posted at all about how my time away has been going.  Quickly, it's going well, I was glad to come home for the weekend, but things are good.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to write this week.  Now onto Robby's update.

Verbally, Robby seems to make such leaps in the week I'm away.  I come home and he has so many new words, strung together in so many new ways.  I do talk to him every night on Skype, but I still don't realize it until I'm there in person.  Apparently, last night he was gleefully announcing "a goose, a goose!" as he and Chris walked around the grocery store.  That's funny because we're always calling him a [silly] goose.

Physically, I don't suppose there's much new.  He's trying to climb out of his crib now, but it's really not a great time to deal with a switch, so we haven't tried.

Sleep is not going well.  He is trying to drop his one and only nap, which is not acceptable at 1.5.  This is happening at both home and daycare.  We're a little worried with my parents coming into town and letting him stay home that he will be more successful in fighting it.  We NEED that time on the weekends.  I know, selfish, but C'MON.  LOTS of kids nap until 3 if not kindergarten!

Favorite things: trucks, trains, cars, all vehicles, sports.  B-O-Y.  I was a little worried that leaving on the train would ruin it for him, but at least he still gets excited about that part of Sunday evening.  The conversation when I get on the phone, though, does go, "Train...bye"  Over and over.  It's pretty sad.

Food: He hasn't been eating a ton.  He's been sick, his 2 year molars are coming in, you know the drill.  He still prefers carbs, junk food, and fruit.  His favorites are rice, grapes, apple juice, bread, and yogurt.

Danger: There's pretty much nothing that he can't get to anymore.  He can climb, move chairs, open doors, the whole deal.  We have washcloths hanging over doors to keep him from locking them. He has already locked me out of the bathroom once, and we didn't have a key for it.  Miraculously, I got him to open it for me. 

He apparently has been very well behaved for his father, but has acted out a LOT when I come home.  I guess we've finally proved that what daycare and other people have always said is true...he's good for everyone but me.  AH.  Apparently he didn't dump any of his toy bins the entire week last week, and then pretty much the second I walked in the door, he had dumped them ALL, and was coloring on the floor with crayons.  Cute.  You may notice that he's distracted in the above picture.  Um...yeah.  He's so his father's child.  See below:

At least it was an Ohio State game.

I miss you, I love you, I wish I had more time!


  1. Thanks for the quick update! Cant wait to hear about all of the work stuff! BTW, Anne Margaret went through a few phases with nap time. We just pushed it back later in the day. If she skips them she wakes up with night terrors. Sometimes she plays in her crib for 2 hours before she falls asleep and I just let her. Then she sleeps for 2 hours. Not ideal but oh well. Good Luck!

  2. he is such a boy! I'm dying to hear (1) how you're dealing with being away and (2) how Chris is doing home alone with Robby