Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why I Don't Deserve My Husband

Chris is a lot of things.  A football fanatic.  An engineer.  But most of all he's a pretty great husband who doesn't get very much credit.

So why don't I deserve him?  

He's a neat freak....I am "relaxed".

He is driven...I like down time.

He is compulsive about certain details...and I am compulsive about opposite ones.

He has passionate feelings about many things (mostly involving Penn State football)...And I try to always at least act interested.

He does chores that I abhor like lawn mowing and vacuuming and other noisy things...And I, well, do the ones he hates like ironing.  Draw there, I guess.

He is a fantastic dad that is going to do the single parent thing for the next month...while I go lounge around a hotel (and work, but pssh).

He sleeps well...and I stay up all night with the light on.

He is generally healthy...and tolerates that I am not.

He sticks his ground when toddlers misbehave...and I'm more inclined to give in.

Pretty much, he's just awesome, and loves me regardless.  Thanks, hun!  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Very sweet! And I have to say your dress and hair looked amazing at your wedding :) love it!

  2. good luck to both of you (I don't know which has it worse). ps- in our marriage im chris and jon's you...cept the sleep thing...I'm a night owl and a morning person (so weird)

  3. Yay Chris. I love him too (and I'm not married to him! haha)