Sunday, January 20, 2013

Potty Training Commences

Eh...I've been teetering for awhile.  I had no intention of ever considering potty training until after 2.  And then my 14 month old started holding things, telling me he was dirty, and then when he got his diaper off, he'd run across the room and squat on the floor.  For both kinds.  Gee...thanks.  I have steam cleaned the rug in his bedroom too many times to count. 

SO.  Once that all started happening, we got a potty.  That he hated.  So we got a hand-me-down potty from our friends.  That he tolerated.  But no success.  He did pee on TOP of the hated potty once, but that was as close as we got.  I didn't care, I wasn't pushing it.  I just had them out to talk about and get him accustomed to.  We checked out a potty book from the library.  He loved it.  Still nothing.

This month, I got selected for a "Pull-Ups Party" and sent a party pack.  I was a little annoyed about this since I had changed my mind about wanting to do it, and hadn't invited anyone.  Sigh, alright, fine.  REALLY didn't make a big deal of it, but a few of us gathered over at my friend's house today. 

Lo and behold...Robby peed in the potty tonight.  WOO HOO!  I again wasn't trying too hard, but I took his diaper off, and told him if he peed in the potty, he could have chocolate (a hershey kiss).  Kid is TOTALLY bribe-able with chocolate.  I may have to switch to something smaller, but I'm SO proud of him, and we did a big ole celebration.  And then you got to hear about it.  Ha!  I'll try and not make it a regular occurance. 


  1. Good for him! :) potty training can be a lot of work, my daughter was fairly easy. I'm hoping my son will be the same... We will see though :)

  2. WOW I cannot believe that you guys are doing it and having success so early! We bought a potty a while back and P likes to sit on it (usually without taking a diaper off cuz I'm too lazy). She definitely understands and I think if we wanted to do it she would be ready but I just am not ready to deal with that and a newborn ya know? Kinda mean mommy of me but oh well lol

  3. Well I'm glad someone's potty training adventures went well this because ours did not. My son is 2.5. We got batman underwear, stickers, a chart, prizes, the whole nine yards and decided to get serious about this... And in return we got nothing but accidents and wet floors and lots of extra laundry. We didn't have even one successful potty moment...ahhh!