Monday, January 7, 2013

Leaf Diving

How many of you have, literally, dozens of posts sitting in you draft folder that never get published?  No?  Just me?  The issue is that I upload the pictures in clumps and never bother to write words to go along with them.  So, in an effort to clear out some of them, here is an old set of uploaded pictures from early November.  So Robby was 17 months.

I don't remember why I was upset with Chris this day, but I do remember that I was.  And I was annoyed that he spent a long time building a fire, even though I thought that was possibly not a great idea with crazy man running around.  It all worked out fine, but it made me nervous!

This was the first time Robby had seriously played in leaves.  Sure, he had seen us do it before, but this time we made a point to get some big piles.  He loved it.  We did not love that we weren't overly successful in picking up the dog poop first.  It didn't get on Robby, thank goodness, but we had some gross shoes.

It's amazing how many leaves we can come up with, since what you see in the picture?  That's about it for our back yard.  And we don't let it go for a long time, the trees had just all dumped at once!

Leaf jumping is an absolute right of passage in childhood.  He still couldn't REALLY jump at this point (he's remedied that by now), but he did so with some help.

Obviously, it was all for Harper's benefit.

I have to say that law school ruined burying yourself in leaves for me.  We studied a case where a child was ran over by a truck after hiding under some papers in the street.  Ok, it's not EXACTLY the same, but it sure gets this mom's paranoid brain working.  And this isn't in the street.  But I have a vivid imagination, ok?

Obviously, after playing in the leaves, we had to roast some marshmallows over the fire.  Robby didn't care about the roasting part, and preferred to just grab them out of the bag.  That works.

Tomorrow?  I'll fast forward to snow.  Ha!  Maybe one day I'll keep up with the pictures.

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