Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Day

While we were in NYC, our house got hit by a little bit of snow.  Still not enough to be worth much, but enough for us to play in it a bit.  We need to get a sled, but this was barely more than a dusting, so we didn't miss much.

Robby has his own shovel, but found it much more entertaining to use dad's.  Even if he had to keep informing us that it was "Heavy".  That's one of his favorite words at the moment, so no surprise there.

And we may have neglected cleaning off the fire pit, but Robby was quick to remind us that there was snow there that needed to be shoveled.  Sure.  Go for it.

Our middle child, or youngest furry child, or...whatever gets almost as excited as the one that can SAY "snow".  Ok, maybe more excited.  As a puppy, Harper would lay outside in snow drifts until you physically pulled her inside, fearful that she would get frost bite.  Now getting to watch Robby throw snow for her to catch?  It's too adorable.  Chris threw the shovelful above, but Robby was attempting it, as well.  I love snow days, and can't wait for a REAL one soon!


  1. My brother and I would pray for a freak snow day growing up, but of course that doesn't happen where we live. It looks awesome though :)

  2. oh the snow is fun for kids! santa brought 6 sleds this year...and we woke up to snow on the ground..just like magic!!
    your photos are fun!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy New Year!

  3. we looooove snow around here :)