Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The First "Real" Halloween

Well, yes, Robby dressed up last year.  And, he even received a couple pieces of candy.  But he got carried everywhere.  And there was NO chance that he'd get to eat the candy.  This year?  Whole new ball of wax.  I made the costume, he went door-to-door, and he "got it". 

Please note the bandana.  This is about as long as it was on his head.  It made it across the street to our neighbor's where he pulled it off.

While Sandy had finally left the area, it was still pretty chilly.  For the first round of trick-or-treating, we wrapped him in a blanket, and unveiled him at each house.  For the second round (because a neighbor texted us that we needed to come over), Robby just wore a coat.  And then someone accused him of being Uncle Sam.  REALLY?

It was great, though, when he started to pick up on what it was all about.  The first house we had to spend a long time convincing him that he wanted to pick up the FULL SIZE candy bar and put it in his basket.  As soon as he figured it out, though, he tried to grab a couple more.  Mmm...nice try, but no.

So, obviously, once we returned to our house, he had to raid our candy.  Repeatedly.  For once, I didn't over-buy, so I started to get worried that we wouldn't have enough for the trick-or-treaters.  Not because he was getting to eat the candy, but because he was smushing it all.

Yes, I did let him have one Milky Way, and WHO boy did he enjoy that.  It kind of opened up an obsession that perhaps I didn't care to encourage.  Whoops.  AND he got chocolate all over his shirt.  I guess I expected it, but still.  Boo!

And here is where my son looks like a giant.  This is our neighbor who is only 2 weeks younger than him.  And yet, Robby looks like he could crush him.  I swear our neighbor is of completely normal size.  See the pictures where he towers over his swim buddy, too.  Where did Chris and I get such a bruiser?

While he may have started out the evening very fussy, chocolate can bring out the best in anyone.  He thoroughly enjoyed it until around 7:30 when it got to be too much, and he just lost it.  I had taken him up for his bath, and the fact that he wasn't able to answer the door for the kids?  Meltdown worthy.  Amazingly, he went down, and stayed down, even though the doorbell continued to ring. 

While I spent a lot of time making his costume, even sewing on the buttons during lunch today, mine was a last-minute closet scavenge.  And yet, a neighbor still gave me credit for "dressing up"!  Yay!  Honestly...not sure if anyone would be able to tell if I wasn't in matching stripes, but I'll take it.  But, I'm mostly proud of at least sewing this costume.   So now, even if I never pull it off again, I can take pride in this year.  Though, I know I'll attempt it again, since it wasn't painful, and my fabulous mother always made mine.  (Including the Queen of Hearts when I was 8!  That took serious talent.)
How was your Halloween?  Any good costumes?


  1. Robby is adorable and I must add, that's a great pirate costume. I just got done posting my kid's costumes over at my blog. Take a peak.

  2. nice job with the costume! and yay for real trick or treating...and the parent candy tax ;) P only got one lollipop. lol