Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Update

I don't have any pictures, but a quick update to let everyone know all is well.  We never lost power, daycare and both of our offices are open, and life is returning to normal.  It is still raining, but not bad.  There is quite a bit of debris, but for the most part, our suburb seems to have missed the brunt of things.

Yesterday's only real excitement for us was that daycare was closed, and I have to give a HUGE thank you to a teacher friend who watched Robby for the morning.  The schools were all closed, so she was home with her boys.  Apparently, Robby was well behaved, but a pig (as always), and by the end of the day was at least saying the older boy's name.  Sounds pretty good.  She also gave me a few Christmas present ideas for him based on what he was playing with.  Thanks!

I'll update later, but we're fine.  Hope everyone else is, as well!


  1. I was wondering about yall! So glad all is well and that you are okay! Thank you for updating :)

  2. a little late but good to hear! Our office in Jenkintown lost power but most peeps fared well. Can't say the same for CT.