Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Robby loves his "swimming" lessons.  I put that in quotes because, really?  At 16 months?  Not doing that much actual swimming.  It's more just getting used to the water.  Although Katie over at Marriage Confessions had a post (sorry, I didn't go search for it) that talked about how her kids were able to FLOAT at this age...um...no.  Robby would be like one of those sinker toys that you retrieve from the bottom.  The goal of the class, and you must realize this is our second time through it, is to get them to kick, use their arms, and blow bubbles.  Robby will kick.  Occasionally use his arms.  But the bubbles are just dunking his head under water.  He also will enthusiastically jump off the wall on his own, though, this wasn't so much taught, but a function of his craziness.

Anyway, another mom in the class was nice enough to send me pictures!!!  Her daughter is Robby's best friend in the class, and they go a little batty when they see each other.  Which is great!  I'm glad he has a buddy!  And it's meant that the mom and I have talked more and are trying to set up a play date.  Yet to happen, but should be fun!

Robby was pretty darn funny on Saturday.  Toward the end of class, we always sing the "toy song" and then they get to select the toy they want to play with in the water.  They have balls, and watering cans, and various sand toys, etc...  Anyway, the teacher says, "Let's sing the toy song" and Robby LOSES IT.  He starts SHRIEKING with glee and flailing his arms in an attempt to get over to the box.  Apparently, he knows what all those words mean.

So, I think it's been a positive experience.  I at least enjoy it, and I think he does.  If nothing else, he gets to run around the locker room, banging on lockers, and...as of this week...climbing into them and up on the benches...  I may not be thrilled about that, but I DO need to change out of the wet bathing suit!  AHH!  Anyway, I was always a fish, and I'm glad that my boy seems to be, too.

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  1. P loved swimming until we took her to a swim class. And like you, when i read Katie's post I was like, WAAH?! Our class is like yours. Except wicked cold. The water isn't too warm and P hates going in. We've skipped the last 2 classes which is annoying 1- bc I wish she would go, she LOVED water until this class and 2- bc I hate thinking I just wasted all those hard earned $$.