Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mini Roadtrip

Saturday I left the men at home and drove down to DC to attend my maid-of-honor's baby shower.  It was so nice to get to see a bunch of my college friends, and feel fancy free.  Of course, my fancy free self just spent 6 hours driving and a couple hours TALKING about babies, but, y' felt a bit like freedom. 

Let's take a flashback to my baby shower...which...ok, that's the last time I saw ANY of these girls.  Some of them?  It's been since my MoH's wedding, many years ago.  I had said to the two girls above, "Oh, once Robby hits about 3 months, the five of us will have to do a girls' weekend, and I'll leave the baby with Chris."  The 5 being them, the preggo lady, and myself and Kelle from Philly.  Apparently, even at the time they found this a highly amusing statement, and knew that I was going to back out.  I may have become a complete hermit.  So, of course I tried to say we should all plan one now, and they laughed at me, saying maybe I was being overly ambitious, and maybe we should just try and plan on them coming up, visiting, and meeting Robby.  Perhaps.  Realistic?  They should know me better.

Anyway, my friend was glowing, and pregnancy suits her so well!  Not to mention, look at that awesome dress!  She looked amazing.  I'm so excited for her and her husband!  

This is the onesie I made.  Turned sideways.  Sorry.

Four of the five of us that went to college together that were there.  Sigh...remembering Thursday nights with Shannon drinking wine and studying for our weekly Russian quizzes...  Man are Thursday nights different now!  (writing this...finally...)

And...lots of onesies.
I'm so glad I made the drive, and it really was such a wonderful "break".  Very refreshing.  As was all the indulgent food.  Soy pumpkin latte from Starbucks, TWO cupcakes, Wendy's...yeah, healthy living was not happening on my drive, but I  Even if there was apparently some women's college volleyball tournament nearby and the rest stop was filled with girls whose legs were longer than I am tall.  No shame.
Ok, yeah, I kind of fell off on writing.  I just needed to get it done.  The end.  ;)


  1. Aw how fun. I miss my girl friends so much!

  2. That looked like fun! Even a little time away can be sooo refreshing :)