Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is the most fun?

Robby has SO MANY OPINIONS right now.  I know I've said that since day one, but it gets more and more true by the day.  And this simultaneously means he's getting easier and harder.  So, what's "the most fun"?

1)  Mom.  And only mom.  No dad.  I want mom.  Said "NayNay".  God knows why on that one. 

2)  Strangers.  OH THIS IS SCARY.  He may be my little leech most of the time, but if a stranger looks interesting?  Bye.  My parents' friend who he NEVER MET BEFORE walked up to him and said, "Robby, do you want to go inside?"  Grabs her hand and GONE.  How do you explain stranger danger to a non-verbal 14 month old?  ARGH!

3)  Cars, trucks, bikes, and things that go "Vroom".  The one noise he will make, other than an occasional monkey, is "Vroom".  And he LOVES that we live next to a grocery store with trucks.  And LOVED the push car at my parents' house.  We did not have the room to bring it home, though. 

4)  Animals.  Whether it's his dog or cat or the dogs at the dog park or pets at the pet store, he's wild about animals.  Perhaps a little rough in his tackling of the cat, but loves them.

5)  Being a "big boy" and doing things himself.  If he gets to sit on his own, or do something on his own, it goes MUCH smoother.
And Harper likes food being at her level

6)  Finally, thankfully, reading!  He finally will ALMOST make it through a book.  And he does at least enjoy "reading" to himself.  Usually on a dog bed.

7)  My favorite?  Mr. Personality!  (except when that involves screaming, noodling, or temper tantrum-ing ;)  )


  1. He is such a doll! It's crazy how kids are either super repelled by strangers, or just like no fear.

  2. he is so stinkin' cute there are like no words - LOVE the little table and chair that he has! I kinda wanna get one for P but my house just CANNOT hold a SINGLE other baby thing right now. It just can't.

    1. Sadly, that table and chair is at my parents'. I need to find one.